Empire Film Group Inc. is an independent film finance, production, and distribution company. Trading on the Pink Sheets, the Company has their corporate and production office in Malibu, California. Empire Film’s commitment is to developing and producing low-cost, high quality, commercial films that will attract talent and strong distribution. They have a management team that has more than twenty-five years of experience. These are in the areas of development, production, distribution, finance, and marketing of feature films and television programs.

In addition to their U.S. production, Empire engages in film production at diverse locations around the world. They also have the ability to produce Canadian Content when it comes to film and television. Consequently, they are eligible to receive Canadian subsidies, tax incentives, rebates, and financing.

The Company is focusing their efforts on what they believe is a lucrative market segment. They look to produce and/or acquire modestly budgeted, theatrical-quality films. They then look to distribute these to theaters, video, and television in the U. S. marketplace. The Company’s business approach is to release films to theaters, with less than 1,000 prints per film sent out. Major Studios and major independents typically release 2,500 or more prints per film. The reduced level of prints will enable Empire to reach key U.S. markets. They can do so at less cost, and although there is less box office revenue, the revenue they do garner contributes to a stronger bottom line because their expenditures are approximately one-third of the major studios.

The majority of the films released by Empire in 2008 and set for release for the first half of 2009 are titles that are licensed or acquired in a completed (or nearly completed) condition from third party production companies. The Company anticipates that original productions of theirs will be ready for distribution during the second half of this year. Empire Film Group also owns and operates a distribution division for books, DVD's, Blu-Ray HD videos, CDs, and television titles.

Today, Empire Film Group entered into a venture with Industry-Works International of Vancouver and Vivendi Entertainment Canada of Toronto. This venture is for the release of their feature, “Hounddog,’” starring Dakota Fanning. Vivendi will release the film to mass merchants and other video retailers throughout Canada on March 3.