Forget watching "Empire" -- these days the behind-the-scenes drama surrounding the popular Fox series is a lot more interesting than anything happening on the show. For example, a recent court hearing revealed that "Empire" star Terrence Howard might have more in common with his character, villainous record producer Lucious Lyon, than fans would think, exposing a recent divorce from his third wife and allegations of suicide threats and drug use. 

According to the New York Daily News, a court hearing Monday to settle Howard's second divorce from ex-wife Michelle Ghent revealed that Howard, 46, was also newly divorced from his third wife, Mira Pak, 38. The couple reportedly secretly filed for divorce on July 27 citing irreconcilable differences. They have apparently been living separately since August 2014; their son Qirin Love Howard was born in May. 

The court proceedings also shed light on scandalous behavior during Howard's marriage to Ghent. According to People magazine, the couple regularly used marijuana, cocaine and Ecstasy together, and engaged in a threesome. Plus, Howard reportedly made multiple threats of suicide to Ghent during their marriage and allegedly accused his ex-wife of threatening him with blackmail. 

This comes after news that Howard and Ghent's divorce was revealed to be causing salary headaches for "Empire" and the Fox network. According to TMZ, Fox parent company 21st Century Fox has asked a judge to help determine who will receive Howard's salary for his work on "Empire." Howard claims his settlement agreement with Ghent is invalid and, therefore, he should receive the entire amount. However, Ghent asserts that she is entitled to a large portion of that money. Meanwhile, 21st Century Fox remains worried that if it pays the wrong party it could end up losing money by having to pay again to make things right. 

So, who's the more interesting character -- Lucious Lyon or the actor who plays him? Fans will have to decide for themselves. "Empire" returns to Fox for Season 2 on Sept. 23.