FXstree.com (Barcelona) - Canada is going through a period of sustained work creation, pushing the employment rate to successive all time highs, a tendency which saw its last episode in November, when employment continued growing, despite the slight increase on the unemployment rate, according to data released by StatsCan.

In November there was an increase of approximately 43,000 in net jobs creation, which pushes the employment rate to a new record high at 63.8%, an increase of 2.3% so far this year, or 388,000 new employments, according to StatsCan. Unemployment also increased in November, by 0.1% to 5.9%.

November's employment creation was mainly registered in the private sector, being transportation and warehousing; business, building and other support services; educational services; and natural resources, the industries with the highest work creation figures.

Wages have also posted an strong increase, with average hourly earnings growing 4.2% on the year in November, above the 2.$4% CPI increase.