FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - United Kingdom's employment figures have shown improvement in the three months to November with both vacancies and volume of employed workers improving, while the number of unemployed people drops down, according to figures by National Statistics.

The ILO unemployment rate dropped 0.1% from the previous quarter to a 5.3% rate with the number of unemployed workers dropping by 13,000. The number of employed people increased by 175,000 on the quarter to 74.7% of the population 0.3% higher than in the previous quarter.

The jobless claimant count rate declined by 6,400 persons to 807,700 from the previous month, while the claimant count rate remains steady at 2.5%. The amount of vacancies was 681,100, which means an increase of 12,200 from the previous quarter.

Average earnings have remained unchanged from the previous months, including bonuses, earnings grew 4.0%; and they went 3.6% up excluding bonuses.