Few industries face the challenges and competition inherent in the airline industry. With increasingly volatile oil prices a constant threat, commercial air carriers are looking for additional revenue sources and bigger passenger loads. A growing component in such strategies is the offering of advanced in-flight entertainment and connectivity systems (IFE&C). It’s an approach that addresses two major customer demands, entertainment and business, a way to make the time go faster and be more productive.

It’s been a huge positive for Emrise Corporation, a global producer of defense, aerospace, and industrial electronics and communications equipment. The use of its power supplies, RF and microwave signal processing devices in IFE&C systems is a primary growth driver for the company’s Electronic Devices business segment. In addition, the use of its network products in network timing and synchronization in edge networks is a primary growth driver for their Communications Equipment business segment.

The company announced today that it has received a $1.5 million order from a longstanding unnamed customer for electronic devices to be used in the external communications portion of the IFE&C systems being installed in a commercial aircraft. The order, expected to cover a three-year shipping period starting in the second half of 2011, is through the company’s Pascall subsidiary in England. Emrise expects to get additional follow-on orders for the systems in the future.

Emrise Chairman and CEO, Carmine Oliva, said that demand for IFE&C systems continues to grow. “Today, airline industry growth and profitability are being driven by increasing passenger traffic, ancillary revenue sources and a range of new revenue generating services such as IFE&C. The demand for new sources and types of revenue, the interest in providing IFE&C services on short-haul aircraft, and the recent increases in construction of new, more advanced aircraft, is driving growth in the IFE&C market, which in turn helps increase demand for the IFE&C products provided by EMRISE.”

Emrise designs, manufactures, and markets electronic devices, sub-systems, and equipment for aerospace, defense, industrial, and communications markets.

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