Systems integrator Emtec Federal, a subsidiary of Emtec, Inc., announced today that it has landed a $5 million contract from the Air Force Quarterly Enterprise Buy program to provide Samsung 19, 24 and 32 inch flat-panel display monitors and Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Series Notebooks. The notebooks will have the latest USAF Standard Desktop Configuration fully installed. Emtec Federal will manage staged deployments of these systems to Air Force organizations worldwide.

The Air Force centralizes the purchase of common hardware and software products as part of an ongoing effort to streamline purchases and ensure system interoperability. The contract mandates that purchases of desktop and notebook computers be processed through the Air Force’s nine major commands, and that officials consolidate hardware buys using the AFWay online procurement system to obtain optimal pricing.

Jeff Posey, vice president of sales, Emtec Federal, commented, “Emtec Federal has held several Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA’s) with the Air Force for ten plus years and has been a key reseller in the QEB Program since its inception in 2005. This contract further demonstrates our ability to deliver the products and services that best meet the Air Force’s needs. Emtec Federal prides itself on offering impeccable products and services, partnering with key organizations such as Samsung and Lenovo to provide the latest IT offerings. We look forward to working with the Air Force QEB program once again to help them fulfill their IT requirements around the globe.”