Enable IPC Corp. offers streamlined strategies for transforming technologies into products, and introducing them into the marketplace. The company today announced it has shipped its first batch of ultracapacitor electrodes to IMDEA Energia in Madrid, Spain.

The ultracapacitor is one of Enable IPC’s two break-through energy technologies, which launches the company into the multi-billion renewable energy market. Enable IPC’s ultracapacitor electrodes will be applied to a power conditioning unit by IMEDA and renewable energy manufacturer Green Power, as part of a demonstration in part of the SA2VE project, a program pushed and sponsored by the Spanish government to focus on green energy alternatives.

Dr. Mark Daugherty, CTO of Enable IPC and president of SolRayo, said the role of Enable IPC’s technology in the presentation may give the company exposure to more actors in the renewable energy market.

“This is a high profile demonstration that we expect will lead to additional contracts for the use of our devices in renewable energy systems throughout the world,” Dr. Daugherty stated in the press release.

The demonstration will showcase how ultracapacitors can now be applied to renewable energy applications, whereas before, the high cost of ultracapacitors deterred many from their use as an alternative energy source. Enable IPC’s electrodes reduce the cost of the devices, and can be used when other natural resources might fail.

“Solar and wind technologies are wonderful,” SolRayo CTO Kevin Leonard stated. “But sometimes, the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow. Ultracapacitors can be used to level out the load.”