Are Fed Actions about to crash the dollar, gut your savings and retirement accounts and send gold to record highs?

As Europe now heads down the path of printing money and bank failures, the European currencies are sure to weaken, showing temporary strength in the dollar.

Many believe that will be just the opening the Fed is waiting for to announce its next stimulus plan. Most believe more stimulus is a foregone conclusion, one the Fed arrived at weeks even months ago. But, with so much political pressure against more borrowing and more debt, the Fed has been forced to sit with hands cuffed and watch the economy and the markets deteriorate.

On October 4, 2011, during a Joint Economic Committee hearing, Bernanke tipped his hand and indicated the central bank has more bullets to fire in the battle against market and economic collapse.

Immediately the markets reacted and moved higher, as if to send a signal back to the fed approving the notion. Let's face it! The Fed has no choice! Either create more fake money or watch the markets and the economy plunge into the worst depression in history.

Numbers don't lie. There's no job growth, housing is now described as being headed for a triple dip and European banks filled with toxic assets are beginning to fail. Are U.S. banks headed for the same fate?

A new blockbuster video shows why the Fed is preparing to make one last life and death trade. The financial life of our economy in exchange for the death of the dollar.

Wake up America! The 2008 crisis came with little warning and wiped out trillions of dollars overnight. Can you afford another wealth wipe-out?

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