Endeavor Explorations, Inc., (EAVR.OB), in its ongoing quest for uranium, has put great effort into obtaining eight important mineral rights claims in the Uranium City area of northern Saskatchewan in Canada. Uranium demand has come back to life, after years of stagnation caused by the reduction in nuclear weapons and a halt to nuclear power plant construction. With nuclear power plants now seen as another answer to the problems of fossil fuels, and a developing world increasingly hungry for energy, uranium finds itself back on the right side of popularity.

One of the less explored areas now being looked at by Endeavor is the Don Lake group of claims, approximately two miles north of Uranium City. Though only partially investigated, the area does have a history of initial drillings. In the 1950s, radioactivity was found at 35 places in the Don Lake claims, and drilling in the 1960s found further evidence of uranium.

Occurrences are documented on the southwest side of Don Lake in three radioactive zones, named the Don Lake A, B, and C zones. Mineralization in the area occurs in a series of short quartz-filled cross fractures. The quartz veins contain small fragments of adjacent rocks, along with particles of sulphide mineralization, mainly pyrite and chalcopyrite, carbonate, hematite, and pitchblende. The uranium mineralization appears to lenticular.

Although the distribution of the radioactive mineralization in the Don Lake area is complex, and will require additional work to be understood, independent consulting geologists have recommended a re-drill of historic drilling holes, including ones with historically high values. It was also suggested that all available data on the property be compiled in a GIS (Geographic Information System) database to facilitate future exploration.

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