"Ender's Game" was the clear favorite to win the weekend and the movie starring Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield did not disappoint. "Ender's Game" earned $28 million in its debut, taking the box office crown from "Bad Grandpa." Prior to its American debut, "Thor: The Dark World" opened in 36 countries and earned $109.4 million.

"Ender's Game," the adaptation of Orson Scott Card's popular sci-fi novel, opened in 3,407 theaters and was expected to earn more than $20 million in its debut weekend," reports Box Office Mojo. There was some concern about "Ender's Game" success as other sci-fi movies, including "Elysium" and "After Earth" failed to deliver at the box office, while the movie's marketing may have failed to sell the film, notes Box Office Mojo.

While "Ender's Game" performed well, the Hollywood Reporter notes it still has a long way to go before it makes back its estimated $110 million budget and is facing stiff competition next week with the release of "Thor: The Dark World." "Bad Grandpa" earned $20 million in its second week in theaters, enough for second place. Two other movies debuted in theaters this week, "Last Vegas" and "Free Birds," landed in third and fourth place, respectively.

"Last Vegas" starred Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline and earned $16.52 million in its debut. With a modest budget of $28 million, the film should prove to be success. "Free Birds," a Thanksgiving-themed animated movie, earned $16.2 million at the box office. "Gravity" continues to add to its impressive haul, earning $13.13 million in its fifth weekend in theaters. To date, Alfonso Cuaron's film has grossed $426.7 million worldwide.

It looks like there will be another newcomer will take over the top spot at the box office next week as "Thor: The Dark World" comes to American theaters. While "Thor" was a modest success, the popularity of "The Avengers" appears to have given "Thor 2" a nice bump. The film is poised to be Marvel's second big hit at the box office following the success of "Iron Man 3" over the summer.

"Thor: The Dark World" earned $109.4 million at the foreign box office in its debut weekend, topping the box office in 36 different countries, reports THR. "Thor" earned $268.3 million overseas and "Thor 2" should surpass that number before it leaves theaters.