Over the last five years, a lot of attention has been focused on how much energy is being consumed. Many consumers still use traditional fossil fuel sources, but there is a move towards more environmentally-friendly fuel sources. Energtek, Inc. (EGTK.OB), headquartered in New York, has its sights set on providing natural gas to a growing consumer base. Energtek has analyzed the marketplace and has developed a plan to focus on specific niches that can immediately benefit from the company’s technology.

One major area that Energtek is focusing on is the Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) market. Studies indicate that there are currently over 1 billion motor vehicles on the road worldwide. By-products from traditional fuel-based vehicles contribute heavily to the greenhouse gases in many cities. One look at the air quality in cities like Mexico City, Chennai, or Beijing easily displays how vehicles can visibly affect a community. With the increased realization that pollution negatively impacts the health of an entire city, the NGV market is growing worldwide.

Whereas oil fuel sources are found in specific areas, natural gas pockets are distributed more evenly on a global basis. Companies and consumers are becoming more aware that not only is natural gas a more readily available and less expensive fuel source, but it’s also more environmentally friendly since it is primarily made of methane (CH4). Studies have found that natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel source and has a cleaner output than some renewable fuels.

Areas in Europe, South America, and Asia have been using natural gas as an alternative fuel source for more than a decade. Based upon its availability and its immediate effect on the environment, many other countries worldwide are jumping on the natural gas bandwagon. China, Brazil, Germany, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, and other nations are aggressively pursuing the integration of NGVs into their marketplaces. While there are over 8.7 million NGVs in use today, studies show an estimated growth rate of 30 percent per year.

In the past, vehicles would require a costly reconfiguration to switch over to use natural gas as its fuel source. Energtek’s proprietary technology would streamline the process and make the switch to natural gas easier and less costly. Rather than removing any parts from a vehicle, Energtek has a conversion kit that would simply be installed to any gasoline or diesel vehicle. With the flip of a switch, the vehicle can be changed back between traditional fuel and natural gas.

Energtek has developed a solution that will help consumers more easily change their fossil-fuel burning vehicles into a cleaner natural gas burning mode of transportation. Providing consumers with the ease of conversion, as well as the flexibility to switch between natural gas to traditional fuels, will reduce the barriers that the natural gas market has faced in the past.

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