Energtek Inc. is leading the drive for the development and commercialization of what some are calling one of the most unique green energy technologies. It’s called Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG), and it makes the use of natural gas, the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels, possible in ways not available before.

It’s important to the environment because natural gas produces far less carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrous oxides than any other fossil fuel. It’s also readily available, fairly evenly distributed throughout the world, especially in Asia where fast growing economies are energy hungry. The fact that these same countries are under increasing pressure to be environmentally responsible makes natural gas even more attractive.

The problem has been that storing and transporting natural gas isn’t as easy as working with oil. Oil and gasoline are liquids, concentrated enough to easily store and run through pipelines. But natural gas needs to be either liquefied or highly compressed, and that runs up costs dramatically. As a result, there have simply been fewer options open for the access and use of natural gas, even with all its benefits.

For example, there are literally millions of small 2 and 3-wheeled gasoline powered vehicles used for cheap transportation by businesses and individuals throughout Asia. They’re inexpensive to buy and use, but they wreak havoc on air quality. Governments would love to have them all run on clean natural gas, but simply can’t afford the infrastructure and conversions required of liquefied or compressed natural gas. And so the air continues to be polluted.

Even worse is the vast amount of available natural gas that goes untapped simply because it costs too much to liquefy or compress for transport to where it is needed. Collectively, it represents a huge, clean, and already identified energy resource, equivalent to all of the oil reserves in Saudi Arabia, that sits in the ground, uncollected.

Energtek believes it is the one company that has the answer. That answer is ANG, the use of molecular adsorption to store more natural gas under far lower pressures, eliminating the need for costly liquification or high pressure compression. Using ANG, natural gas can be transported in bulk, instead of having to build costly pipelines or use high-pressure containment systems. Suddenly, natural gas that sits in the ground can be economically extracted, transported, and used.

The company has already just completed a successful field test in western Africa for transporting natural gas, and is now discussing terms of commercial cooperation. In India, its subsidiary, Moregastech India Private Limited, is expected to report its first revenues in a few months for natural gas transport. In addition, Energtek has completed a successful trial in the Philippines for the conversion of small vehicles to natural gas.

The bottom line is that Energtek is in transition, from a company with a great idea to a company with a viable technology that is being actively sold.

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