Energtek Inc. is a world leader in the development of absorbed natural gas technology. The company develops and applies proprietary low-pressure storage technology to provide complete well-to-wheel pipeless natural gas supply solutions to industrial customers and fleets of small vehicles. Energtek’s technologies deliver natural gas from any natural gas source to the consumer, even in cases where no gas pipeline and compressing infrastructure exists.

To help guide the company, Energtek has a first-class advisory board whose members have many years of experience in various industries. The members of the advisory board include:

Douglas Horne (USA) – Mr. Horne is president of the Clean Vehicle Education Foundation and chair of SAE Alternative Fuels Subcommittee for standards development. Mr. Horne is also currently a consultant to the US Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory and to the Brookhaven National Laboratory where he is responsible for development of Liquefied Natural Gas vehicle and infrastructure codes and standards. Mr. Horne was the founder of AGL Absorbent Research Group, a research consortium for the development of adsorbent based natural gas storage.

Gregorio Kopyto (Argentina) – Mr. Kopyto was the CEO of the Argentinean CNG chamber where he participated in the government commissions that created compressed natural gas and natural gas vehicles legislation in Argentina. For 18 years, Mr. Kopyto was a manager of engineering and commercial divisions of Exxon Argentina. Prior to that, he was head of the sales division for the Argentine oil company YPF.

Olivier de Bournonville (Belgium) – Mr. de Bournonville brings over 20 years experience in exporting and finance. He founded Mondial Telecom and was financial director of Econophone Inc. In Europe, Mr. de Bournonville has served in executive positions with Europ Assistance France, Europ Assistance Belgique, and was an international consultant with IMCO.

Igor Kerez (Ukraine) – Mr. Kerez is the CEO of JSC Brinkford Banking Groups. The JSC Brinkford Banking Groups are responsible for the general management of numerous companies in the Ukraine and the Crimea including: Diamantbank, Zaliv Shipyard, JSZ Zaporizhzhya Abrasive Factory, JSC Plast Private Gas and Oil Exploration Company and JSC Stroyindustriya Cement Factory.

Joseph Shefet (Austria) – Mr. Shefet is an expert on international taxation and has written four books on the subject. Mr. Shefet is a senior partner in an Israeli law firm and has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1968 and a member of the American Bar association since 1986. He is also a member of the Israeli CPA Association since 1973, a member of the International Fiscal Association since 1976, and a member of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners since 1998.

Jacob Enoch (Israel) – Mr. Enoch is chairman of the board of the Israeli Car Importers Association. He has served as general manager of Eldan Rent a Car and Union Motors Ltd. Mr. Enoch has been national sales and marketing manager for Mediterranean Car Agency Ltd., managing director of Israel’s KIA distributor, executive director of Korean Motors Israel and president of Europcar Israel.

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