Energtek Inc. is set to change the lives of literally millions of people in Southeast Asia through the successful introduction of CNG LITE™. Based upon Energtek’s proprietary ANG (Absorbed Natural Gas) technology, which allows natural gas to be stored under low pressure as opposed to costly high-pressure or liquefied natural gas alternatives, the CNG LITE system makes it cost effective to convert the huge number of 2 and 3 wheeled motorized vehicles, so common in that part of the world, to natural gas, the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels.

The potential impact of this new technology, both on individuals and the environment, is so great because of the sheer number of such vehicles currently in use. Right now there are over 300 million motorized 2 and 3 wheeled vehicles on the road throughout the world, primarily in places like the Philippines and other developing countries. For decades they have provided cheap and easy transportation, and have been a major part of business and consumer life in developing countries around the world.

But the emissions of these little movers have seriously impacted air quality wherever they’re used, and governments have come under increasing pressure to do something about it. Until now, there simply wasn’t much that could be done. With CNG LITE, Energtek has effectively changed the entire game. By making it possible to store natural gas inexpensively, under low-pressure, Energtek has removed the primary hurdle for converting to natural gas. And natural gas, by producing far less carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxides than other fossil fuels, while also being suitable to use in motor vehicles, is the perfect answer to environmental questions. Using Energtek’s fine-tuned conversion kit technology, vehicles running on natural gas are ensured the best fuel efficiency and performance, and pollution is dramatically reduced.

Energtek is now working with governments to test and develop conversion programs. In the Philippines, the company has recently completed successful field trials, and the government there has indicated their feeling that CNG LITE system is the only commercially-viable system that can be utilized for the mass conversions of tricycles in their country.

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