Energtek Inc. is a world leader in the development of Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG) technologies. The company develops and applies proprietary low-pressure storage technology to provide complete “well-to-wheel” pipeless natural gas supply solutions to vehicular and industrial consumers around the globe.

Recently, the company announced that it has completed the production of the world’s first low-pressure mobile pipeline (LMP) semi-trailer. The LMP semi-trailer has been manufactured to transport natural gas to industrial customers at a pressure of up to 90 bars. Existing compressed natural gas (CNG) semi-trailers transport comparable quantities of natural gas at a much higher pressure – 200 bars. Transporting at lower pressure than existing solutions enables substantive capital and operational cost savings for customers.

Energtek’s semi-trailer is ready to be deployed for commercial use. The proprietary semi-trailer has been designed according to rigorous German engineering standards and has been certified for safety and quality by TUV Rheinland. The company is currently organizing a commercial low-pressure gas transportation project and expects to utilize the semi-trailer in the near future.

The LMP semi-trailer enables the cost-effective transport of natural gas to industrial and commercial energy consumers not connected to the gas network – that is, without access to a pipeline. Energtek has developed their technology to respond to a need in the marketplace. This will be a real opportunity for the company due to several factors including: increasing demand for cheaper and cleaner fuel, high capital costs for CNG trailers and related equipment, and lagging development of new gas pipelines.

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