Energtek, Inc., a leading developer of Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG) technology for improved efficiency in the containment and transportation of natural gas (NG), has been able to easily attract investment funding. The company has already received the first $150,000 installment of a $1,500,000 planned investment from EGFE DM Ltd, for which EGFE will receive shares of Energtek common stock. Monthly payments by EGFE are to continue until the full investment is completed.

EGFE earlier completed a period of due diligence, evaluating Energtek’s prospects, and came to a positive conclusion. It’s another vote of confidence from the investment community, based upon Energtek’s growing earnings prospects in Asia. Energtek has worked out agreements in India to use its proprietary ANG technologies to provide bulk transport of NG to areas not served by gas pipelines. In addition, the company has received government approval in the Philippines to use its technology to convert one million 3-wheeled vehicles to NG use. Both of these projects represent significant potential revenue in the coming months and years.

The advantage of Energtek’s ANG approach to NG containment is that it allows the same amount of gas to be stored in the same volume at lower pressure than normal NG storage techniques, making it practical for use on small vehicles. Additionally, in situations where increased pressure is allowable, ANG allows the storage of more gas in the same volume, making it more efficient for bulk storage and transportation.

In Asia, where clean burning natural gas is plentiful, there is an increasing demand for efficient NG handling. As governments look for ways to grow economies while reducing air pollution and emissions, Energtek’s ANG technology appears to be the best answer for many. The potential for the company is enormous.

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