Energtek, Inc., known the world over for leading the industry in innovative Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG) technology, including technology which allows for the efficient storage of Natural Gas (NG), is a company whose success is driven by the dedication and leadership of its experienced and diversely qualified management team.

CEO of EGTK, Lev Zaidenberg, co-founder of AngStore Technologies (2002; one of three branches in what is today EGTK’s technology division), is a high-tech entrepreneur with years of advanced management experience.

Zaidenberg was Director of Business Communications for Constellation 3D Inc. from 1995 to the founding of AngStore, and also founded a software support products company called MuTek Ltd. with clients such as Microsoft, where he served as CEO until 2000.

As security and computer auditing consultant for the Israeli Defense Forces from 1984-2004, Zaidenberg is the recipient of several commendations and distinctions for solutions developed to support the Israeli Air Force and the Israeli Computer Society, and has recently received both an MBA and B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from Tel-Aviv University.

CTO of AngStore, Prof. Yuri Ginzburg is an indisputably top intellect in world automotives. With his PhD and D.Sc in Mechanical Engineering, and his 18 patents and more than 70 scientific publications, Ginsburg has vast expertise in managing R&D teams and alternative fuel systems design and is the chief factor driving AngStore’s breakthrough technology.

Ginzburg was R&D Director for former USSR technology transfer firm Barg Enterprises LTD (1998-2003); lead developer of off-road vehicles for Rhyno Inc., USA (since 1997); lead DAF power pack-based city bus production for MIKIP LTD, Kazakhstan (1995-96); taught R&D of combat vehicles at Technion University (1992-95); and was head of the Vehicles Dept. and VP of the national test center for heavy ground vehicles for in Moscow, USSR (1986-91).

CEO of MoreGasTech Ltd., India, Mahinder S. Khatkar, a graduate of the Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Punjab, has extensive knowledge and experiences from over 24 years working as a consultant to several Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) companies, with specific expertise in vehicles.

Khatkar pushed CNG use heavily in Delhi and Mumbai, two of India’s largest markets, during his time at the Engineering and Projects Department of The Gas Authority of India, and was also responsible for the first successful CNG project in India via his role as General Manager and Project Manager for Mahanagar Gas Ltd. (MGL).

Treasurer of EGTK, Michael Greenfield is an 18-year veteran of international financial services with an MBA in marketing and finance from Tel-Aviv U and a BA from Brandeis. He has managed for both Israel’s second largest bank, Bank Leumi, and its supermarket chain, Supersol.

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