Energtek Inc. is a world leader in the development and commercialization of Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG) technology. The company has developed breakthrough proprietary technology which efficiently enables increased use of natural gas in vehicle and industrial markets globally.

One of the product offerings from Energtek is filling stations. Natural gas filling stations are an essential element in any natural gas vehicle or pipeless gas supply project. The creation of natural gas filling station infrastructure requires complex technological solutions and dynamic resources as well as significant financial and legal development efforts. The company’s offering builds on the experience accumulated in the construction of 17 compressed natural gas (CNG) stations in France. Energtek is one of the pioneers of natural gas vehicle (NGV) infrastructure in that country.

Depending on the unique needs of any-sized fleet and location, Energtek can utilize extensive knowledge and experience in the development of all types of natural gas filling stations:

• Fast Refueling Stations – These operate like traditional gas stations fueling a single vehicle at a time
• Slow Refueling Stations – These stations are capable of simultaneously refueling hundreds of heavy vehicles, such as trucks or buses.
• Mobile NGV Refueling Stations – Mobile stations can serve vehicle fleets in areas with no natural gas pipeline or infrastructure. These semi-trailer stations are based on Energtek’s natural gas bulk transportation solutions.

The company has developed and engineered new natural gas filling stations solutions that provide cost-efficient filling of the low-pressure storage tanks on vehicles and semi-trailers. In addition to the development of traditional compressed natural gas fueling infrastructure, Energtek focuses on the development of natural gas filling stations designed to complement the company’s proprietary CNG Lite and LMP Pipeless solutions.

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