Energtek Inc., specialists in the application of ANG (Absorbed Natural Gas) technology for the improved storage and transportation of natural gas, sees itself as sitting on top of some of the biggest untapped fuel reserves in the entire world. That fuel is natural gas (more specifically, stranded or associated natural gas) and it is estimated to total nearly 3,000 trillion cubic feet worldwide (that’s a 3 with 15 zeros after it.) It represents the energy equivalent of all the oil reserves in Saudi Arabia, fully 40% of the world’s total natural gas reserves, and Energtek believes it holds the secret to tapping this unparalleled resource.

In spite of economic ups and downs, the global demand for energy continues to be pushed by developing nations. The fact that natural gas is the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels makes it an especially appropriate choice for all countries facing increased environmental pressures. But perhaps the most attractive aspect of stranded or associated natural gas is that it’s already been discovered. It’s ready to be tapped, often a by-product of a producing oil well (associated natural gas).

The problem has been the cost of transporting it to where it is needed. Unlike oil, which is already in liquid form, natural gas is not easily shipped. Natural gas pipelines are simply not worth the cost if the reserve is too far away or too small. Other methods of containment and transport, such as liquefied or compressed natural gas, can also prove uneconomical. As a result, all of that valuable natural gas is frequently just burned off, a loss to the owner and the environment, or perhaps simply re-injected back into the well. In any event, it goes unused, billions of dollars in unutilized assets.

Energtek’s proprietary solutions employ advanced ANG technologies, allowing natural gas to be stored and moved in bulk using inexpensive low pressure containment. Countless reserves of natural gas that would otherwise be lost now become a viable asset for energy hungry countries all over the world. The company has already completed successful field testing of its low-pressure NG transport system for a company in western Africa, and is now discussing terms of commercial cooperation.

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