Energtek, Inc., world leader in the development of ANG (Adsorbed Natural Gas) technology, sees itself as offering a solution to a host of world environmental problems. By using ANG technology to provide more efficient and cost effective natural gas storage and transportation, Energtek allows the use of natural gas (NG) in vehicles and locations not previously possible. In so doing, the many environmental advantages of NG are greatly expanded. This is especially true in Asia where ANG means natural gas can now be inexpensively transported to remote locations not served by the region’s limited pipeline infrastructure. In addition, millions of 2- and 3-wheeled vehicles, so common in Asia and other developing areas, can now be converted to NG.

One of the most beneficial applications of natural gas is as an automotive fuel because it greatly reduces pollution compared to other combustible fuels. Natural gas is comprised largely of methane (CH4), one of the simplest substances in nature. Due to its simple composition, methane is the cleanest burning of all fuels, after pure hydrogen.

Emissions from gasoline and diesel engines are a major source of greenhouse gases as well as dangerous particulate matter. They are also known to contribute to a variety of human diseases, including cancer and heart disease. NG vehicles release almost no particulate matter and far fewer toxic pollutants and greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 25%, nitrous oxides by 35%-60%, and carbon monoxide by over 90%.

As just one example, the NG Honda Civic GX has been called the cleanest internal combustion vehicle on earth by none other than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It has been reported that the Civic can drive from the West Coast of the US to the East Coast and emit less non-methane hydrocarbons than spilling one teaspoon of petrol. If fact, tests performed in heavily polluted cities found that the air emitted from NG vehicles is often cleaner than the air entering the engine.

As if that weren’t enough, emissions from NG combustion contain virtually no sulfur dioxide, a primary contributor to acid rain. And, as a side benefit, the noise from NG vehicles has been shown to be up to 50% less than similar sized gasoline or diesel vehicles. It’s little wonder that governments in Asia have been not only cooperative, but actively encouraging Energtek’s goal of converting millions of vehicles to clean natural gas.

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