Energtek, Inc., a leader in alternative technologies for the storage and movement of natural gas, leverages the strengths of its Board of Directors as it seeks to grow internationally. The company uses ANG (Adsorbed Natural Gas) and other technologies to supply natural gas for industrial and commercial consumers not connected to a gas network using bulk transportation solutions. This allows Asian countries to tap their vast reserves of economical and clean natural gas without having to lay an extensive network of pipelines or use costly compressed natural gas transportation.

In addition, Energtek’s proprietary technologies are now being used to convert millions of 3-wheeled vehicles, which are very common in Asia. The company is already involved in government supported projects in India and the Philippines, and the potential for worldwide markets is virtually unlimited.

The strong global orientation of Energtek has been well served by its Board of Directors, representing an international knowledge and experience base seldom seen in a company its size.

• Eliezer (Moodi) Sandberg (Chairman of the Board)
Mr. Sandberg is Former Minister of National Infrastructures (Energy & Water) and Former Minister of Science and Technology, Israel, and has been the Founder and Chairman of the Israeli Parliament Subcommittee on Hi-Tech. Additionally, he served as Chairman of the Israel-Vietnam Friendship Union, the Israel-Brazil Friendship Union, and the Israel-Africa Friendship Union. Mr Sandberg served as former political advisor to the Science and Technology Committee of the Council of Europe, and currently serves as the Head of the National Science and Technology Council of Kazakhstan.

• Lev Zaidenberg (CEO)
A highly experienced international entrepreneur and manager, Mr. Zaidenberg co-founded Angstore Technologies in 2002. Prior to 2002, Mr. Zaidenberg started and managed several successful hi-tech companies in Israel, Europe, and the U.S. He also served as consultant to the Israeli Defense Forces in computer auditing and security, and has received awards for inventive contributions and solutions by the Israeli Air Force and the Israeli Computer Society. Mr. Zaidenberg received a B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and an MBA from Tel-Aviv University.

• Yishai Aizik
Mr. Aizik is an Israeli Attorney and is also registered at the State Bar of California (FLC). He holds an LLB from the College of Management Law School and an LLM from Bar Ilan University, Israel. Mr. Aizik was Co-founder and Senior Managing Partner of Adam Law Firm providing legal and strategic business consultation for Israeli and U.S. companies. He was also a Co-founder of Justice Haim Cohen Center for the Legal Protection of Human Rights where he worked pro-bono for the underprivileged.

• Dr. Zhenia Fleisher
Since 2005, Dr. Fleisher has been a Senior Research Scientist with Symrise, Inc. Since 2003, she has been an Adjunct Professor at Ramapo College in Mahwah, NJ. From 2002 until 2005, she was a Director of Research at Manheimer, Inc., and was Manager of the Botanicals and Flavors Group at Danisco (Cultor Food Science, Pfizer Food Science) in New York, from 1996 until 2002. Between 1976 and 1996, she held various positions as a scientific researcher. Dr. Fleisher holds a PhD and MS in Chemistry from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, and received her B.S. in Chemistry from the St. Petersburg State University in Russia.

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