Energtek, Inc., a world leader in the development of ANG (Adsorbed Natural Gas) and other natural gas transportation and storage technologies, may have the key to tapping into an energy resource as big as all the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. And it’s an energy source that has already been discovered, just in time to serve the needs of newly industrialized nations in and around Asia.

The energy source is called stranded natural gas (SNG), and it represents at least 40% of the world’s natural gas reserves, an estimated 3,000 trillion cubic feet, enough to cover world demands for a long time to come. SNG is natural gas that has already been discovered, but is uneconomical to extract and deliver. This situation typically occurs when the size of the reserve doesn’t justify the costs of transporting to where it is needed. The imposing costs, land use, and legal issues involved in developing new gas pipeline often means that small or distant reserves must be left untapped. Anyone able to make the world’s supplies of SNG suddenly viable will be opening the door to billions of dollars in energy resources.

Energtek believes it has the key to do just that. The company has developed technologies allowing for the economical transportation of natural gas where other methods, including Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) would not be viable. Places where the source or market is relatively small or distant are now, for the first time, open for realistic consideration. Places like India, Thailand, Indonesia, and China, with huge populations and growing industrialization, are desperately seeking ways to tap remote energy supplies and to economically transport them to diverse locations. Energtek’s low pressure storage solutions, including its LMP (Low-pressure Mobile Pipeline), increasingly represent the most efficient method of transporting natural gas.

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