Energtek, Inc., with its unique and proprietary technologies for the efficient storage and transportation of natural gas, has staked its future on NG demand. It’s a move that looks increasingly solid as the prominence of natural gas in the world energy hierarchy continues to expand. Natural gas has more going for it than almost any other fuel, and certainly more than any other fossil fuel.

For one, natural gas is the most practical motor fuel alternative to gasoline. In fact, it’s easy to convert vehicles to NG use and it’s cheaper to run on natural gas than on gasoline. But, perhaps most significantly, natural gas is far cleaner than other fossil fuels, producing 25% less carbon dioxide, 50% less nitrous oxides, and 90% less carbon monoxide.

In addition, natural gas is available in greater quantities than oil, and is distributed more evenly throughout the world. Moreover, unlike oil, NG doesn’t require expensive refining. There are large reserves in Asia where developing countries are desperately seeking accessible but clean energy sources. Natural gas offers a resource that is available and easy to process, explaining why NG is often on the top of the list in places like India and China when it comes to new energy initiatives.

One of the greatest strengths of natural gas is its ability to be applied to the automotive market. Unlike other industries, automobiles remain almost totally dependent upon crude oil, even though supplies and production resources are now strained. And, with an increasing number of 800 million vehicles on the road worldwide, the reduction in vehicle emissions has rapidly become a global issue. Natural gas offers an especially efficient solution to developing Asian countries, as the market for new cars there surges. By producing new NG cars, and converting existing vehicles, Asia can significantly impact anticipated environmental threats.

Where does Energtek fit into all this potential? Through the application of the company’s Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG) technology, natural gas is more efficiently stored and transported, because it avoids the high pressures, and costs, involved in CNG (compressed natural gas) storage. It’s so efficient it can even be used to convert tiny 3-wheeled motor vehicles, so common in Asia, to natural gas, something that’s impractical with CNG. The company has already signed huge contracts in the Philippines and India. It’s a technology so unique and so compelling that it could soon be difficult to talk about natural gas without also talking about Energtek and ANG.

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