Energtek, Inc., a world leader in the development and commercialization of ANG (Adsorbed Natural Gas) technology, sees itself as realizing the full potential of natural gas, which they consider to be the most practical alternative to oil-derived fuel. Through the use of their advanced ANG technology, natural gas can be stored under lower pressures, providing a number of valuable options to users.

For example, storing the same amount of natural gas in the same volume, but with lower pressure, increases the possible applications of natural gas. Low pressure storage tanks and fueling systems are simpler and less expensive. This makes it feasible for millions of the world’s smallest vehicles, such as the three-wheeled motorized bikes so common in Asia, to run on natural gas, which is far cleaner and cheaper than oil. On the other hand, existing high-pressure equipment and storage is made more efficient with ANG technology, since it allows more natural gas to be stored in the same volume.

Increasing the efficiency of natural gas storage with ANG technology also means that it becomes easier and cheaper to transport natural gas, especially in places where no gas pipeline or compressing infrastructure exists. As global markets seek to diversify their energy sources, this offers countries in Asia and elsewhere new possibilities regarding the resources they can consider and where they can be delivered.

By making natural gas more transportable and usable, Energtek enhances the already significant benefits of natural gas. Not only is natural gas less expensive than oil in most countries, it is the world’s cleanest fossil fuel, greatly reducing greenhouse emissions. It is also a resource that is more evenly distributed throughout the world than oil, making it a viable option to more countries.

Energtek sees ANG technology as a key to unlocking these benefits for Asia and much of the world.

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