Energtek Inc. is a world leader in the development and commercialization of adsorbed natural gas technology. Energtek develops breakthrough technologies to deliver natural gas from any natural gas source to the consumer, even in cases where no gas pipeline or compressing infrastructure exists.

Energtek supplies natural gas to industrial and commercial consumers that are not connected to a gas network using pipeless natural gas supply bulk transportation solutions. The company has opened up the natural gas market for businesses for which high-pressure solutions, such as CNG – compressed natural gas, is not economically viable.

Energtek’s low-pressure mobile pipeline product is an equipment and services package providing a cost efficient supply for industrial and commercial consumers not connected to the gas network. The company has developed this package based on several economic factors. These factors include: the demand for cheaper and cleaner fuel, the high capital cost of CNG (compressed natural gas) trailers transportation & equipment, and lagging development in new gas pipelines due to high capital costs and land-use problems.

The central element of Energtek’s low-pressure mobile pipeline product is the company’s low-pressure gas transporting semi-trailers which use Energtek’s proprietary low-pressure storage technology. Other elements of the company’s gas supply chain include gas filling terminals and gas reception facilities.

For maximum efficiency, each of Energtek’s mobile pipeline projects requires dedicated engineering of filling and discharging facilities, optimization of transportation logistics and possible adjustment of semi-trailer and other equipment design. A proper selection of equipment creates a balance between preferable initial capital investment and minimal project operational costs.

There are several advantages for Energtek’s low-pressure gas mobile pipeline in comparison with conventional compressed natural gas solutions. Most important among the advantages is a substantial savings on capital costs over a CNG system: up to 50% in transportation costs and up to 80% in filling equipment costs. Other positive factors is that the equipment is simpler, safer, more reliable and cheaper to maintain.

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