Oil prices surpassed $73 a barrel today, hinting that once again, summer travel will be hindered by rising gas prices. Natural gas advocates are the first to say “I told you so” as they continue to vie for the importance of alternative energy, not only for cost savings, but for environmental purposes as well.

One obvious benefit of natural gas over oil is cost. Natural gas is generally cheaper than oil and the price isn’t influenced by international voice, as they are determined regionally. Also, in its basic form, natural gas doesn’t need refining, eliminating the refining costs of crude oil in its conversion to motor fuel.

In the middle of a recession, every attempt to save money without sacrificing quality deserves recognition. Energtek Inc. (EGTK) is engaged in developing and commercializing Absorbed Natural Gas (ANG) technology, which allows for the storage of comparable gas quantities at reduced pressure, thereby significantly lowering the costs of capital investments and operation.

The company recognizes the global demand for alternative and diversified energy sources and operates to identify or develop leading technologies to combat obstacles and deliver natural gas to consumers. Energtek’s ANG technology enables accelerated use of natural gas in vehicle and industrial markets, creating what it dubs a “win-win situation” for drivers, environment, economies and gas exploration companies seeking to expand their natural gas operations.

More than 800 million vehicles on the world’s roads spit out hazardous pollution and greenhouse gases. On the other hand, natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, emitting no particulate matter as compared to diesel or gasoline. This is beneficial not only to humans, but to the planet itself.

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