Automakers have continually adjusted their product lines based upon what consumers want. There are individuals who only want an economical car, those who want a heavy-duty truck to haul equipment, and consumers who want a large, safe family vehicle. To get from one place to another, the U.S. consumer primarily focuses on purchasing a traditional 4-wheeled vehicle. However, when you take a global view, studies show that the 2- and 3-wheel market is the fastest growing segment of the transportation industry.

Estimates indicate there are about 300 million 2- and 3-wheelers on the road today. The niche, which includes mopeds, motorcycles and tricycles, reported a growth rate of 14 percent per year between 2003 and 2006 with 44 million units sold in 2006. Asia has the highest rate of growth for these vehicles and classifies 2-wheelers as the number one means of transportation in the region. Demand in Asia is expected to grow even more over the next few years.

While many alternative fuel developers are focused on 4-wheeled vehicles, Energtek, Inc. recognizes the potential of the 2- and 3-wheel market. These smaller modes of transportation have just as much potential to create pollution as larger vehicles, especially when there is a large number in use.

Energtek has proprietary technology that can convert 2- and 3-wheelers to use natural gas. The company’s CNG Lite™ system can easily reconfigure the millions of mopeds, motorcycles, and tricycles on the road to be more environmentally-friendly, while its LMP™ (Low-Pressure Mobile Pipeline) Bulk Transportation system can be used to transport and sell natural gas to local consumers.

Energtek has kept an open mind on where it can apply its technology. The company took a look at the entire transportation industry and has developed products to resolve pollutants produced by two of the largest consumer niches in the market. Not only has the company developed the technology, but it has also created products that easily convert vehicles at an affordable price.

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