Energtek Inc. is a world leader in the development and commercialization of ‘adsorbed natural gas’ technology. The company has developed breakthrough natural technology which efficiently enables the increased use of natural gas in vehicle and industrial markets.

What is the company’s adsorbed natural gas technology about? Adsorption is the adhesion of molecules of liquids, gases and dissolved substances to the surface of a solid. The ability of a solid to adsorb depends on the chemical makeup of the solid and its physical structure. Activated charcoal, for example, has a very large surface area because of its porous nature. This gives it the ability to absorb large quantities of natural gas.

This characteristic of activated charcoal is useful in storing natural gas. For example, in a conventional high-pressure storage tank gas is forced into the tank under pressure. The greater the pressure, the greater the volume of gas stored in the tank. The maximum pressure, and therefore the volume of gas held in the tank, is limited by the physical properties of the tank and its valve. The addition of a microporous material into the tank, such as activated charcoal, makes it possible to do one of two things: 1) either store a larger volume of natural gas in the same container at the same pressure, or 2) store the same volume of natural gas in the container at a lower pressure.

Until now the commercialization of adsorbed natural gas technology has been hindered by several unsolved technological problems. The main challenges of adsorbed natural gas storage products development include the following:

• Sufficient volumetric storage ability that will be competitive with existing natural gas storage methods on the market
• Efficient gas filling and release from adsorbed natural gas tank for automotive applications, requiring control of thermodynamic processes
• Absorbed natural gas fueling system cost that will be competitive with the cost of current fueling systems

Energtek has carried out a pioneering research and development venture resulting in a solution to some of the key problems of the future gas and transportation industries. The result of the company’s research venture has led to the first commercially efficient system of absorbed natural gas storage.

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