Energtek Inc. has established itself as a global leader in the development and commercialization of Absorbed Natural Gas (ANG) technology. The company acknowledges natural gas as a practical solution to today’s energy demands and challenges.

The company has developed proprietary technology to address logistical and transportation obstacles for the delivery of natural gas with its Low-pressure Mobile Pipeline (LMP) Bulk Transportation System. The LMP is a package deal – with equipment and services bundled into a cost-efficient solution for industrial and commercial energy consumers that aren’t currently connected to the gas network.

Energtek’s LMP trumps challenges associated with the building of new infrastructure to accommodate new gas lines, such as high upfront capital costs, long-term return and land-use problems. The system offers a feasibility study, project engineering and the adjustment of equipment design as needed, as well as equipment manufacturing and installation, technical support for the system’s operation and maintenance, and participation in project financing.

To ensure maximum efficiency, each mobile pipeline project is evaluated to determine data on fuel quantities, consumer characteristics, distances to be traveled and associated road limitations, truck operation costs, land-use limitations, on-road transportation regulations, gas facilities and fuel costs, and other important variables. Energtek then determines the proper selection of equipment to match the customers’ budget and preferred capital investment. The company’s efforts to meet energy demands without sacrificing customer satisfaction are important factors for surviving in the competitive natural gas market.

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