Energy Composites Corporation uses advanced composite materials to design, engineer and manufacture complex composite structures, vessels and processing systems for a range of clean-tech applications. These applications include uses in areas such as wind energy, waste water, power plants - utilities, pulp, mining and petrochemical industries.

Energy Composites has announced that it has signed a letter of intent with the city of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin to acquire a 54 acre parcel of land for the purpose of building a 350,000 square foot composites fabrication plant for manufacturing wind turbine blades. The company already has an automated 73,000 square foot climate-controlled manufacturing facility located in Wisconsin Rapids.

The company and the city will reach a final definitive agreement before June 1, 2009, after which the company will commence construction of the new facility. Securing the property is an important, early step in the execution of the company’s WindFiber composites-in-wind-energy program. WindFiber is the strategic umbrella under which Energy Composites will carry out its wind-related innovation, engineering, logistics activities, production and services planning to drive value for the wind sector.

Energy Composite’s CEO, Sam Fairchild, stated, “Our goal is to deliver value across all three wind energy channels – manufacturing, servicing and supplying. Today’s agreement with the city places us in good stead to have our blade plant up and running by the end of the first quarter of 2010. We believe that we will deliver a capacity of 1,500 blades annually out of that plant and we hope to ramp up to that rate of production by the end of 2010”.