With increasing public interest in “green” initiatives, companies that invest in environmentally-friendly products gain public notoriety and success. Adhering to this creed, emerging alternative-energy leader Energy Quest, Inc. announced a new application for its Pyrolysis Steam Reforming process. The company’s hydrogen process, known as PyStR™ or “pie star,” is a system that converts biomass and most any carbonaceous material into hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

EQI’s innovative technology involves pyrolysis and steam reforming of virtually any solid, liquid or gaseous fuel. The result is separate high purity streams of hydrogen (H2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) in relatively low cost stainless steel or refractory-lined vessels.

The new process is a valuable asset as the ability to create a pure separate stream of CO2 creates unique opportunities, such as injecting into depleted oil well to extract more oil, coal bed methane extraction using CO2, and presence in the food and beverage industries. One of the most lucrative opportunities is the ability to create a feed stock for growing algae.

CO2, which is a key ingredient in growing algae, can be efficiently supplied from the PyStR™ process in a very controlled manner. Providing ideal concentration levels of CO2 to the algae growing pods achieves maximum growth levels over a given period of time.

EQI has held discussions with a Cleveland developer who has a unique strain of fast growing algae that require higher levels of CO2 than that provided from the ambient air. The algae developer and EQI are very interested in pursuing the use of the PyStR™ process in algae growing operations and are working towards entering into a mutually-beneficial arrangement.

Wilf Ouellette, President and CEO of Energy Quest, Inc., commented, “Algae oil (lipids) to bio-diesel has the potential of becoming a very large industry in the next few years. Energy Quest is pleased with being given the opportunity to participate in this exiting alternate bio fuels industry.”