Of all the weeks that one might expect to see a draw in crude oil you saw a build. I mean come on after shocking drawdown in supply the previous two week's without much rhyme or reason one might thought that this week would be the week that you would have seen a drawdown. I mean you had bad storms in the Atlantic and Hurricane Ernesto. You had pipeline leaks and refinery fires.

Yet according to the American Petroleum Institute crude oil shook off its string of supply losses reporting a build of 2.784 million barrels of oil. Despite the fact that we saw outages at BP in Whiting and glitch's at other refineries magically refinery runs increased to 92.6. Distillate supply increased and gas supply fell by 2,007. The numbers slowed to momentum of this quit oil bull market and we are awaiting to see if the Energy Information Administration confirms.

Gas prices in Chicago are coming down and products dipped when BP Whiting confirmed that their Coker unit had restarted. It will be interesting to see if the build in gas supply was due to a steep drop in demand due to a steep jump in price.

Alaska drill down! I had a lot of comments on the wall Street Journal Report surrounding the Obama Administration plan to open up parts of Alaska. One Reader wrote " I am just waiting for President Obama to say "why should all those caribou have the oil...they didn't earn that it is big caribou greed, pure and simple." Of course in my hurry to bring you the report perhaps I gave the Obama administration too much credit.

John Miller wrote "Phil: I enjoy your reporting, but your 8/14 article is misreading the issue in Alaska. I am a former executive with Atlantic Richfield and former Chair of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Owners' Committee. I refer you to my book The Last Alaskan Barrel: An Arctic Oil Bonanza that Never Was. Re: NPRA, in its 90-year history, not one barrel of commercial oil has been produced -- 550 million barrels of potential economically recoverable oil which has not been discovered will not save TAPS. The announcement by the Administration has killed any chance of moving oil discovered in the Chukchi Sea to TAPS across NPRA. This announcement is anything but great news for Alaska!

John's book The last "Last Alaskan Barrel is an analysis of the fifty-year investment life of Alaska North Slope oil, and what oil prices, development costs, environmental regulations and risks, timing, and a variety of taxes did to the earnings. During his 26-year career with Atlantic Richfield Company, John M. Miller managed long range planning, business development, and operations in the U.S., Norway, Japan, Korea, China, and Indonesia. He also chaired the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) Owners Committee.

Jon is saying that this is another missed opportunity and while it is generally assumed that oil companies cannot wait to "drill, baby, drill" on Alaska's North Slope. On the contrary, in light of the first fifty years of Alaska North Slope experience, it is becoming increasingly likely that the bulk of any remaining oil and gas resource will remain undeveloped. It is PROSPER TIME!! Tuned in to the Fox Business Network! The Power to Prosper in there! Also make sure you try out my Daily Trade Levels! Call me today to get the inside scoop! Just call me at 888-264-5665 or email me at the pflynn@pricefroup.com                                 

Phil Flynn