Low natural gas prices and the rising concern about oppressive regulation is putting in danger one of the greatest things that the US Economy has going for it. Directional drilling and the miracle of shale gas should be heralded as an economic and tenhchnological miracle but instead is being attacked by environmentalist and the most militant Environmental Protection Agencies in history possibly squandering jobs and opportunity because of what really amounts to an environmental witch-hunt.

The lies and misinformation that continues to be spread about fraccing or fracking is creating fear and distrust in an industry that has constantly attacked by the current administration. The administration that is the back seat of Big Green and has overseen the biggest price increase in Gasoline in history now has its sight set on destroying the Fraccing miracle.

In Fact yesterday Fitch's rating service raised waning signals about making investments in the US Natural Gas industry because of what they say is uncertain US regulatory environment. Fitch said that they regard the measured conversion of some U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals to allow the export of liquid natural gas as positive. However, currently favorable margins for U.S. LNG exports may not be sustainable and could set up long-term risks for these infrastructure projects. They say that most pricing projections for liquid natural gas assume that fracking will continue to be used. The immediate future is uncertain as the short- and long-term potential environmental impacts are examined.

Yet at the same time they also acknowledge that other producers in the world will more than likely take this US created miracle and run with it. Fitch says that they also see the potential for exploitation of shale gas reserves in many other countries. Some have significant advantages over U.S. distributors. Perhaps one of those advantages is a reasonable regulatory environment.

Now do not get me wrong I am all for environmental regulation and protecting the environment yet it seems that the EPA really wants to create problems where they do not exist. The EPA unable to prove that fraccing is doing any damage they are looking for new ways to harass producers. The EPA agency is investigating a well being drilled in western Pennsylvania for possible violations of air, water or hazardous-materials rules. Bloomberg News reported that the agency began its inspections of the gas-drilling site, which it declined to identify, in September. The investigation was disclosed today by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which reported that Washington County, south of Pittsburgh, has more wells and compressor stations to pump natural gas than any other county in the region.

At the Same Time low prices are putting pressure on smaller producers that could also get driven out of business by more government pressure. Fitch Ratings service says that The combination of shale gas reserves and weak economy has pushed prices to a level approaching the marginal cost of production. We expect the recent low prices for natural gas to continue, as supply should remain high.

Low Prices has forced Chesapeake to put up for sale some of their precious assets in the Permian Basin. This comes as Fitch warns that it is possible that if Natural Gas prices stay low they may have to change the outlook on the company.

The EPA is also trying to put more refiners out of business with news gas rules. Our refining capacity is falling already and is one of the reasons we are seeing this spike in gas prices. Not the only reason but a reason.

Can China come to the rescue of Europe. The markets seem to be getting a boost on China pledge in buy euro bailout bonds! Only right because their currency manipulation and heft of intellectual property has help exasperate the crisis.

At the same time The Bank of England is saying that consumer price inflation rate is likely to fall sharply in coming months. In other words they are worried about deflation which open up the door for more money priming! That is bullish for the market!

The AP is reporting Iranian state TV says Tehran has cut oil exports to six European countries in response to European Union sanctions, which include a boycott of new oil contracts with Iran. No details were immediately made available on the Press TV report Wednesday, including which six nations were affected by the decision. The move comes days after Iran's oil minister, Rostam Qassemi, said Tehran could cut off oil exports to hostile European nations as tensions rise over the Islamic Republic's nuclear program. Iran argues that the EU oil embargo will not cripple its economy, claiming that the country already has identified new customers. European sales account for about 18 percent of Iran's total crude exports.

So Please don't be a pathetic whiner that will blame speculators of the run up in price. They are just accurately reflecting the global mess that we are in. As global governments try to print their way to prosperity and try to add even more regulations it will be all of us that pay the price .

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