Stories about the British royal family have always fascinated media and the public alike. News concerning Prince William, Duchess Catherine and their two children regularly makes headlines. But could it be that the public’s craving for everything royal has waned? This prompted E!News to start an “investigation" of Sunday’s christening of Princess Charlotte.

E!News recounts the royal wedding as one of the biggest recent events in Britain, along with the birth of Prince George. But interest for the royals may have tapered off, states E!, given that “thousands of people didn’t camp out for weeks to see Kate go into labor the second time.”  This reportedly proves that “either British people no longer find the Windsors exciting, or they've had to go back to their, like, jobs and stuff.”

During the event, E! scoured Twitter to check public reactions on Princess Charlotte’s baptism.  Positive reactions mostly mentions the Prince William and Princess Kate having a “perfect family,” and how proud the royal couple were of their children. A few voiced their appreciation of the beautiful pictures from the royal christening, while others commented on how cute Prince George was.

The young prince usually looks cute, but his Sunday appearance melted the hearts of the thousands of well-wishers who gathered at St. Mary Magdalene church, reports the Mirror. The toddler waved to the crowd and was even photographed standing on tiptoes beside the pram that carried his baby sister, in order to sneak a peek at Princess Charlotte.

There were also some who were not as excited about the royal christening, writing on Twitter, “Why would anyone spend their Sunday desperately fawning over a child they don't know?! The whole setup is just odd.” Some Twitter users also had questions about the royal christening, such as why Prince George was “always dressed up like a toddler from the '50s” and another who mentioned that the event photos “look a bit like filming has started for series 4 of #downtonabbey?” 

A lot of the queries involved the nanny’s outfit. Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo wore a traditional uniform during the event. Many found it outdated, reports the Telegraph. It even left royal watchers in Australia “baffled.”

What’s E!News’ conclusion and recommendation? Basically for the royal family to “probably start thinking a little bit longer about their fashion choices.” Aside from the style advice, E! noted a general “decline in hysteria since The Original Christening.”

But either way, there will still be loyal fans who will be on the watch out for everything royal.