There are many things you can do to ensure your car is running at its maximum efficiency which will save you a considerable amount of money in the short and long term.

Having your car serviced at regular periods during ownership will definitely help the car to run at its best. In addition you should carry out your own checks including oil level and tyre pressure checks. Tyre pressure is very important as having underinflated tyres means the engine has to work harder and can result in your car using 2% more fuel than is necessary.

Before any journey, make sure your car is empty of any clutter and unnecessary weight. You may not realise how much clutter you have in your car so have a tidy out on a regular basis. If you have children, have lots of hobbies which require equipment, or simply like to travel a lot, then you are likely to be one of those people who drives around with lots of things you don’t actually need on a day to day basis. Having your boot full of clutter means the engine has to work harder, and again consumer more fuel than necessary.

Try and avoid short journeys were possible so if you have some errands to run it’s better doing them in one journey if possible. Cold engines have to work twice as hard as warm engines and the catalytic converters that many cars have nowadays do not take affect until after about 6 miles. It is important to try and resist any temptation to brake and accelerate sharply as this increases the fuel consumption of your car and the CO2 emissions produced.

A good point to remember is to change gears at a lower rev counts, normally about 2000-2500 revs per minute (rpm). This will help your car and your engine to run at its optimum efficiency. Fuel prices have begun to rise again unfortunately so as such, not wasting fuel should be top priority. Leaving your engine running idle wastes an estimated 0.5 litres/hour which is the equivalent of around 3.5 miles worth of fuel.

Air conditioning also uses a considerable amount of fuel and puts huge demands on the engine so try to avoid using the air conditioning where possible. Try and stick to these tips and your car should stay in good shape for longer and you could save money on fuel.

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