Entech Solar, Inc., the Fort Worth Texas-based manufacturer of renewable energy technology and daylighting innovations, revealed today the debut of a new step towards a greener world with the release of the Entech™ Tubular Skylight.

This new design is based on ENSL’s patented Solar Collimator™ technology, which affords several distinct and beneficial features over existing skylights, including: the aperture light collector is able to gather and redirect light from all parts of the sky with unparalleled efficiency; the collimating section reduces reflections and thus increases output while allowing for highly directional lighting; and diffusers produce a smooth, full-spectrum illumination profile under any sky condition.

Such natural daylighting solutions represent an increasingly attractive design initiative both from a green building standpoint, where energy efficiency is a concern, and from the standpoint of human productivity, which is notably enhanced by exposure to natural daylight.

The Entech Tubular Skylight can be applied in a vast array of commercial and industrial structures where such passive natural lighting is appropriate, like interior offices, manufacturing facilities, and even hospitals or schools, which can also benefit from the warm, natural lighting of this innovative new system. The Entech Tubular Skylight also contributes to achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, which is the de facto standard for “green” buildings.

ENSL Product Manager Jim Lowell spoke of the new Entech Tubular Skylight and its ability to capture daylight at the rooftop and deliver “consistent daylight to interior spaces”. Lowell also talked about the exclusive patented tubular design and how it solved “problems that can occur with conventional tubular skylights” by collecting light from various angles and straightening the light “as it reflects down the tube”.

After the recent installation of the new skylights in the warehouse of ENSL’s corporate HQ, AUI Contractors Inc., another Texas-based company, has decided to invest heavily in the technology. According to AUI Director Matthew Wylie, the Entech Tubular Skylight was an “excellent” lighting solution for AUI’s award-winning headquarters”; so good, in fact, that Wylie said he would recommend it to AUI’s clients, because in AUI’s case, utilization helped towards the goal of obtaining LEED certification for the company’s headquarters.

COO of ENSL Sean Rooney expressed the Company’s excitement over the release of this new skylight product for “sustainable and green building initiatives”, suggesting the potential energy savings from replacing artificial lighting with natural lighting from such systems made good business sense, as well as being good for the environment, and should be an important part of any company’s “overall energy-reduction strategy”.