Why do entry lever resumes and cover letters not work? Is it really the fact its entry level?  My experience has been one of mixed results.  Starting out in the job market, sometimes we don't know how to explain the value we bring.  If any, right?  The fact is there is value in what we bring.  We just have to explain it better and with a limited amount of experience the path isn't always clear on how to do it.

To make it short, my first entry level resume cover letters were generic. Yeah, I'll admit it.  They were nothing more than a Dear Sir/Madam, line of b.s.  I didn't say anything on the letter, plain and simple.  Now that I think about it what results could I have expected with such a nothing letter.  I gave the reader no reason to call me.  No emotion, no passion, no desire, just a bland letter saying I exist, here I am, hire me.  Of course it didn't work.  It wasn't until I realized this that I made a change and started to get some calls.

Entry lever cover letters aren't especially hard to do. Here's what I started to do to make it work.

First, no more generic resume cover letters. I realized, after reading them several times that I wouldn't hire myself.  I focused my entry level cover letter on my strengths.  An example was I had the time to dedicate to the job.  I also had been part of an internship and had that to fall back on as experience.  I made sure the reader reviewed it on my resume.  I only had this luxury on the first two jobs I applied for.  The third wasn't closely related to the internship program and I found myself having to rely on something other than that internship.

What I did for the other positions was more proactive. Even thought it was entry level I didn't want my cover letter to be perceived as an entry lever resume cover letter.  To stand out I learned a little about the company.  Specifically about the work they do and any recognition awarded to the company.  It's easier to do this now with most companies having a web site.  If this wasn't an option I checked online for more information.

I also tried to get information from the receptionist at the company. For example, they sometimes know who will be doing the interviewing and at what time they are free.  If I knew when they're free it gave me the opportunity to stop by at that time to deliver my resume in person.

Entry level changes once you make a personal connection with the interviewer. I know its challenging but to me it was the only way I found to get a step on the competition.  That and I found it useful to use the resume and cover letter program I bought.  I honestly felt that entry level resume cover letters didn't work.  It wasn't until I tried different things that I got called in for interviews.

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In my experience, a strong cover letter has made a difference between landing the interview and not. That's the first step, right? I catch the reader with the knowledge I have of their organization and a few other key tips I learned to incorporate into my letter. I've helped my sister and brothers with their letter and they've also landed the jobs. What I picked made a difference on how I put together a resume cover letter.

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