Enviro Voraxial Technology, Inc., a clean tech manufacturer and developer of the Voraxial® Separator, a high-volume fluid and fluid/solid separation technology, recently announced that the company achieved a 300 percent revenue increase during the first three quarters of 2009, compared to the entire year of 2008. Despite the struggling global economy, the company achieved record sales growth during the first three quarters of this year with revenues totaling $431,000.

According to GAAP financials, Enviro Voraxial Technology achieved profitability during the third quarter due to the sale of depreciated equipment. The company anticipates continued growth and accelerated business activity, which includes active negotiations for applications across global, multi-billion dollar market sectors.

Commenting on the recent financial results, John A. DiBella, vice president of Enviro Voraxial Technology, stated, “EVTN is responding to an increasing number of inquiries for the Voraxial® Separator from major industrial and service companies.” He continued, “The future revenue potential from these pending opportunities range from a hundred thousand dollars to millions of dollars per project. We believe, based on current activity, that we can expect continued growth in 2010.”