Enviro Voraxial Technology, Inc., the Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based producer of high-volume, high-efficiency, and compact industrial mechanical separators, reported today a purchase order for a 1000 series unit of the Company’s flagship Voraxial® Separator model from Uranium One, Inc. (UUU), a Canada-based top-ten global uranium producer, for use at UUU’s South Australia Honeymoon Uranium Project.

The Voraxial®1000 Separator will be used to filter the solvent stream from the process water during uranium extraction.

The EVTN Voraxial® Separator is cutting out a handsome profile in the separation market, which is comprised globally of several distinct multi-billion dollar sectors, across a variety of industries from oil exploration/production to refineries, mining, water treatment and produced water.

The significant benefits of the non-clog, low-shear rotary assembly Voraxial system represent a leap forward in fluid and fluid/solid separation over traditional systems and methods.

Reduced cost from operations and maintenance due to robust design, high-volume despite small form factor, no-pressure-drop equipment, 2- and 3-way separation, and adjustment-free handling of flow rate/oil concentration variations are just some of the benefits of the Voraxial system.

These unique characteristics make the Voraxial an ideal solution for Uranium One’s Honeymoon Uranium Project, a sophisticated in-situ recovery (ISR) or solution mining project where the Voraxial can truly shine by augmenting low-cost, environmentally friendly uranium mining.

An 18-month demonstration plant and field leech trial have validated planned technical uranium production processes at the Honeymoon site, and projected U3O8 steady state production levels are 880,000 pounds per year.

The Ausenco Group (AAX) – a global leader in project management, engineering and operations for the resource and energy sectors, as well as a top Australian Securities Exchange- (ASX-) listed company comprised of five global engineering and project management businesses – brought this purchase order to EVTN as a result of a strong relationship between the two companies.