Environmental Tectonics Corp.’s Simulation Division today announced it signed a contract with the National Institute for Safety – NIFV for the delivery of six additional Advanced Disaster Management Simulator (ADMS™) simulators; the contract also expands the current NIFV-ADMS software.

ADMS is a virtual reality simulation training stage based on Environmental Tectonic’s signature technology, which blends physics-based simulation, embedded artificial intelligence, accurate animations, photo-realistic graphics, and ambient sounds. The simulators equip first responders and emergency managers with training to respond to disaster management situations in a safe and economical manner.

NIFV upgrades and expands ADMS to use them for training, education and research purposes for its Academy for Crisis Management, Fire Academy, and Emergency Medical Service Academy. NIFV targets multi-agency command and control training and provides ADMS to the Netherlands Police Academy, as well as to several Regional Emergency Response organizations.

“We are very pleased to deliver the sixth major upgrade to NIFV. Within this contract, we will deliver a new Scenario Generator including the ability to place props such as vehicles, persons and street furniture at the incident location in order to create fresh scenario conditions. The created scenarios can be saved and shared within the NIFV-ADMS User Group. We will also deliver six more ADMS Systems that can be networked for team training. NIFV has been an ETC customer for many years and we value our ongoing relationship,” ADMS President Marco van Wijngaarden stated in the press release.

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