Envision Solar International, Inc., an infrastructure planner that engages in the design and deployment of clean energy systems, has announced the ground breaking electric-vehicle (EV) charging enabled Solar Tree® structures with integrated EnvisionTrak™ and CleanCharge™ systems at Axion Power International’s (AXPW) facility, located in Western Pennsylvania. The project is scheduled to be completed by mid-July of this year.

Along with providing Axion Power with clean energy and helping meet the objectives to decrease its carbon footprint, the installation will allow both companies to gain more knowledge about the characteristics of solar energy in the region, and how to better incorporate solar energy to Axion’s Power Cube™ storage system. The technical focus will be on load management and power smoothing required due to deviations on a day-to-day business of sunlight conditions caused by factors such as cloud cover. Axion initially planned to take advantage of the Solar Tree® structure in order to charge Electric Vehicles during the day time with any extra electricity generated to be fed into their unique and patented storage system. The storage system will be able to power the facility’s street and parking lights during the night.

Bob Noble, CEO of Envision Solar, said, “Combining our state-of-the-art solar trees equipped with EV chargers with Axion’s storage solution for solar power creates a truly powerful energy solution for the market, and is a key development in leveling the playing field for solar power and other conventional, base-load energy sources. This project truly represents a comprehensive demonstration of the hyper-convergence of efficient clean energy generation, large-scale local energy storage, smart-grid and building infrastructure, and plug-in hybrid – electric vehicle charging.”

Envision President Desmond Wheatley said, “The integration of Axion’s powerful storage solution with our iconic smart Solar Tree® shaded parking products takes us a giant leap closer to solving for the much touted intermittency of solar generation. As we see improvements in the nation’s electric grid and a move to the smart grid, solar’s intermittency will become less and less of a concern. In the meantime, we are bridging the gap with partners like Axion. We’re proud and thrilled to have our products deployed in a project that will deliver clean renewable solar energy 24 hours a day.”

For more information on the Company, visit their website at www.envisionsolar.com

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