Epazz Inc. provides software solutions and Web applications to small and mid-size businesses, educational institutions, government agencies and more. The company today announced that its maintenance renewal rates for its Agent Power and DeskFlex Web-based software products exceed the 90-percent level. The company attributes the trend to its customer service and product offering.

In the press release, the company notes the positive feedback it has received regarding its timeliness and quality of support and general IT consultations. Epazz chairman and CEO Shaun Passley said the trend of the renewal rates are expected to continue as the company’s products are applied to extended markets.

Call center managers use Epazz’s Agent Power v23 to control and monitor agent schedules and productivity, resulting in improved planning, scheduling, real-time agent status, historical agent performance and group performance. Epazz offers detailed reports that give companies access to management on a real-time, daily, weekly, monthly and year-to-date basis.

The DeskFlex v12.9 is a website that serves as a scheduling solution for the use of conference rooms, workspaces, desks, carp parking spaces, equipment and more. The site caters to mobile or remote workers looking for a temporary workspace. Using this as a “pool of shared resources,” companies can lower leasing expenses by limiting the space needed for offices, desks and other overhead needs.