ERF Wireless, a leading provider of enterprise-class wireless broadband products and services, announced Friday that the company obtained FCC approval for 90 WiMAX 3.65-GHz transmission locations. These locations will provide broadband coverage for strategic domestic oil and natural gas development and production areas. These areas were targeted by ERF Wireless to enhance their technology, development, and growth within this sector. Specifically, this new technology is poised to make broadband services available to almost 30,000 square miles of additional energy exploration and production geography.

Mr. Mike Jones, CTO of ERF Wireless, stated, “We are excited about this deployment of WiMAX technology. It supports economical delivery of broadband services to business and industry in geographical areas that have been underserved. Since its introduction, the cost to deploy WiMAX has decreased rapidly while its capabilities have dramatically improved. We will rapidly expand this capability in the near term and will continue to find ways to profitably deploy world-class solutions to support our customers’ requirements. As documented in the September 2009 issue of World Oil magazine, wireless broadband allows oil and gas exploration companies to significantly improve their effectiveness and efficiency.”

Dr. H. Dean Cubley, Chairman and CEO of ERF Wireless, added, “The use of WiMAX technology to expand and enhance our already-extensive wireless footprint is central to our strategic business model. In particular, our oil and gas customers require carrier-class broadband performance that is facilitated by WiMAX. As existing unlicensed bands of spectrum become increasingly congested, the move to the clean 3.65-GHz spectrum and other licensed bands is highly desirable and exactly what our customer base is looking for.”

Cubley also stated that these new WiMAX transmission sites are to add to a very successful and extensive wireless network that will operate in three major sectors of North American wireless broadband.

Cubley added, “We serve more than 10,000 business and residential customers with our growing WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) operations. We also support a number of regional community banks with high-speed networks which include our proprietary CryptoVue network security system for secure wireless financial operations. Finally, we already have the most extensive wireless broadband network operating in the oil and gas rich areas of North America.”