ERF Wireless, a leading provider of enterprise-class wireless and broadband products and services, announced earlier today that the company entered into a $4.740,250.00 agreement with a major manufacturer to produce additional Mobile Broadband Trailers (MBTs) that will deploy the company’s high-speed wireless broadband digital-oilfield solutions into oil and gas drilling operations throughout North America.

According to Dr. H. Dean Cubley, CEO of ERF Wireless, “This agreement underscores the financial commitment ERF Wireless has made to expand the company’s capability to service the communications requirements of all its oil and gas drilling customers throughout North America, under existing as well as future contracts, with its full array of premier wireless broadband products and services.”

Dr. Cubley noted that the company has already amassed the largest terrestrial wireless broadband network covering the major oil and gas regions in North America through 15 network acquisitions and a continuing series of Master Service Agreements with other leading wireless providers. Earlier this year, ERF Wireless entered into an exclusive reseller contract with the world’s leading oil and gas service company to supply wireless broadband communications services to its customers throughout North America.

“By initiating the production of a large number of MBT units, which we will deploy along with our existing fleet, ERF Wireless has taken the next major step, in our continuing plan, to become the wireless broadband communications solution of choice for the oil and gas industry in North America,” said Dr. Cubley. “We fully expect in 2010 that the ERF Wireless Oil & Gas Services division will become the most profitable segment of our overall business strategy, which includes regional banking institutions, the healthcare industry and educational institutions as well as commercial and residential customers in rural communities throughout the country.”

“In addition, other areas these MBTs will be used for will include disaster recovery teams, first responders, pipeline and road construction, as well as special events. They can be utilized anywhere that a mobile communications capability is needed.” Cubley added, “After Hurricane Ike we utilized the MBTs to provide coverage to the Bolivar Peninsula just east of Galveston where the community was devastated and communications were non-existent for nearly 12 months following the storm.”