ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews is seeking $10 million dollars in a lawsuit filed against the West End Marriott and Michael Barrett for an infamous peephole video.

Barrett, an insurance man from Chicago, videotaped a nude Andrews by aiming a cell phone camera through an altered peephole in her hotel room door in 2009. Barrett plead guilty to stalking her, following her to numerous cities and filming videos of her. He was sentenced to two and a half years in federal prison in 2010. 

Andrews is suing Barrett for $4 million for the videos and the Marriott hotel for $6 million for negligence. The suit was originally filed last year, but the ESPN reporter refiled the suit this year to ensure the statute of limitations does not run out. She claims the hotel was negligent in giving Barrett the information that she was staying at their hotel and for allowing him to book a neighboring room. Barrett had previously followed Andrews to numerous cities and filmed her.

According to People magazine, the Marriot hotel in Nashville had not commented on the suit.

Andrews is a co-host of the ESPN entertainment show College GameDay and a contributor to ABC's Good Morning America. She was named's America's Sexiest Sportscaster in 2007.