ESPN reporter Erin Andrews had TMZ questioning whether she got breast implants after pictures of her wearing a small bikini in Miami surfaced over the weekend.

TMZ put together a slideshow and wondered whether suggested parts of the ESPN reporter were simply too good to be true...specifically, her massive boobs. The Daily Mail also speculated that her breasts could be fake when it wrote, Yet her bust seemed to defy gravity as it looked pert and perfect as she took a dip in the water, sparking speculation that she's had a helping hand in the cleavage department.

Andrews hasn't publicly weighed in on the topic, but Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker, a close pal of Andrew's, took to Twitter to defend her honor.

Shouldn't humor this inquiry, but in defense of @ErinAndrews They're real and they're spectacular.

Decker, the wife of tennis pro Andy Roddick, is referring to a scene in the hit television show Seinfeld when Jerry wonders whether a new girlfriend has implants only for her to quote that line.

Check out the photos in question here.