ESPN reporter Erin Andrews is seeking $10 million dollars from Marriott and her stalker after she was filmed naked through a peephole at one of the chain's hotels.

Andrews is suing the West End Marriott, a Nashville-area hotel, for $6 million and Michael Barrett, the man who pleaded guilty to illicitly filming her, for $4 million. Andrews originally filed the lawsuit against the two parties last year but refiled again on Wednesday to make sure the statute of limitations didn't run out, according to Reuters.

Andrews was unknowingly filmed while nude in 2008 by the Chicago-based Barrett. Barrett pleaded guilty to filming the ESPN star naked and was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in federal prison.

Andrews claims in her lawsuit that the West End Marriott gave her room information to Barrett, which resulted in the video and great emotional distress and embarrassment for Andrews.

I've filed this lawsuit to hold accountable those who put my personal safety at risk and who allowed my privacy to be invaded while I was a guest at their hotel as well as for actually stalking me and making my most personal moments public, Andrews said in an initial statement after the lawsuit was filed.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant primarily works as a college football reporter for ESPN, but also contributes to Good Morning America.

Since the peephole incident, Andrews has worked alongside Sen. Amy Klobuchar to push for tougher anti-stalking laws. Klobuchar introduced the STALKERS bill that Andrews hopes will raise awareness on the issue.

The public needs to learn about stalking, Andrews told The Washington Post. I had no idea just how serious this crime was until it affected my life.

Although I'll never be able to fully erase the impact that this invasion of privacy has had upon me and my family, she said, I do hope that my experience will cause the hospitality industry to be more vigilant in protecting its guests from the time they reserve a hotel room until they check out.