Home Decor: Italian company, Ernestomeda, has become a leader in providing modern, sophisticated design to home kitchens and yachts around the world.

Constantly changing up style and technology, Ernestomeda honors the importance of the home kitchen, making sure each kitchen is a beautiful, inviting place to spend time and create memories.

Ernestomeda offers a variety of programs: Barrique, Elektra, ElektraVetro, Silverbox, ONE, ONE+, Fusion, Seventy, Verve, Solaris and Suprême. Each program also has a variety of materials that can be changed around to create unique looks. Popular materials include: plywood, laquer, warm American walnut veneer, as well as Cherry, Oak, Dark Oak, Warm Grey Oak, Tobacco Oak, Italian Walnut, TK and open-pore white lacquered Ash. For ultra modern looks, stainless steel and aluminum are also available.

Worktop surfaces come in laminate, plywood, veenered, marble, granite, quarz, okite, Corian® and stainless steel.

In addition to home kitchens, Ernestomeda also offers an Environmental division as well as yacht kitchens.