An escaped prisoner from New Hampshire is believed to be armed and potentially dangerous, police have said.

Police said they haven't been able to establish the whereabouts of the man, who's reportedly on a revenge mission, hunting two people who live in the Maine area. Authorities have said they believe Hobson could be hiding in the woods in the vicinity of Carroll County House of Corrections in Ossipee, N.H., from where he escaped on Thursday by scaling a razor wire fence. Ossipee is near the Maine border.

Police said they've found a blood-stained SUV in a heavily wooded area and this has given rise to speculation that the fugitive, David Glenn Hobson, 33, is probably injured. However, the authorities have said that he hasn't harmed anyone yet and that there was no reason to panic.

“He's holding a grudge against two individuals … We warned them early and we believe they're in a safe place, Maine State Police spokesman Stephen McCausland told

Hobson was awaiting trial on a burglary charge when he escaped from the prison and he's feared to be hunting for two persons against whom he has a grudge.

The police have escalated efforts to capture Hobson and have asked people to be on alert. Authorities said they expect to locate Hobson around the Maine towns of Alfred and Sanford, where he has close family connections. The police are yet to get any confirmation regarding his whereabouts in these areas.

After recovering the stolen SUV with blood and bloodied clothing in it, near a wooded area in Maine, police are hunting for another stolen car from Sanford, also believed to be linked to Hobson’s escape.

Police believe Hobson may be injured from his escape attempt. “We did recover a bloody shirt outside the jail and the [recovered] stolen vehicle had some blood in it as well, an officer told

Police arrested Hobson’s father, Glenn Hobson, Friday night for allegedly helping him escape by providing medical and clothing supplies. The father has since been released after posting bail, according to