width=140In 2006, I was a Sales Manager at Lucent France when my boss recommended that I enrol in the European Executive MBA programme. It greatly helped me to structure my management knowledge and put things into a global economic perspective.  During the EMBA, I was promoted to Sales Director of the Key Accounts Team in Poland. Less than 2 years after graduation, I was offered the position of Managing Director of Sagemcommunications in Warsaw.   

Rafal Szczap, European Executive MBA 2007
Managing Director
Sagemcommunications Warsaw

width=166I committed to the European Executive MBA because I wanted to acquire business, management and leadership skills to take my humanitarian work further. The MBA has enabled me to develop in the field of microfinance, which is about enabling poor people to borrow small amounts to help themselves and their business flourish. This is one of the most important ways to alleviate poverty.  What I most appreciated during the course, was that as Executive MBA students, we were challenged to implement immediately our learning, and to do so in creative think outside of the box ways.

Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke, European Executive MBA 2009
Winner of the AMBA Student of the Year Award
Board Member of Enfants d'Asie and Founder Women's Worldwide Web

width=140My goal for the EMBA was to experience the globalised world from  a European standpoint. The 5 campuses gave me the opportunity to travel and experience 5 different worlds within Europe with a mix of International students. The flexibility of the course structure accommodated our diverse  schedules and geographical bases:  I traveled from India every 6 weeks to attend the modules.

Vikram Mordani, European Executive MBA 2009
Director Sales & Marketing, Philips bv

width=162When I started at ESCP Europe I wanted to develop an improved understanding of the business environment in order to build the bridge between business and science. The schedule of working and studying is often very intense but also motivating and rewarding. I feel that courses such as Corporate Strategy and Organisational Behaviour have greatly improved my skills in managing major stakeholders and in providing leadership.

Dr Gabriele Schuhmann-Giampieri, European Executive MBA 2009
Global Project Leader, Bayer HealthCare

width=115I started the MBA programme in January 2006 to boost my career inside John Crane. I was then Export Area Manager in charge of a few African countries. As early as August 2006, I was promoted to Sales Manager for 22 African countries and assigned an exciting objective of  relocating this business to the Middle East. One year later, thanks to excellent results and the variety of new skills acquired during the European Executive MBA, I am General Manager for that region and enjoy leading an international team towards future successes. 

Yves Dubos, Executive MBA 2007 General Manager, Middle East
John Crane Inc.